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Lentil and Brown Rice Burgers with Baked Fries Lentil and Brown Rice Burgers with Baked Fries
Here is a flavorful lentil and rice burger with homemade fries.
Lentil and Brown Rice Soup Lentil and Brown Rice Soup
For a satisfying meal, have this hearty soup with whole-grain bread and a cucumber salad.
Lentil and Bulgur Salad Lentil and Bulgur Salad
The garlic in this tangy salad contains a potent cancer-fighter called allicin, which has been shown to help the body eliminate carcinogens and slow the growth of cancer cells. Serve this salad with wedges of fresh pita bread for a very satisfying meal.
Lentil Artichoke Stew Lentil Artichoke Stew
The artichokes in this stew add fiber, vitamin C, and folate. This aromatic and tasty Middle Eastern dish is great served alone or over brown rice or pasta. Using fire-roasted tomatoes is not essential, but they will give the stew a delicious smoky flavor.
Lettuce Wraps Lettuce Wraps
These lettuce wraps are a light and satisfying meal for lunch or dinner.
Low-Fat Guacamole Low-Fat Guacamole
Adding peas to this guacamole lowers the fat content and it still tastes great!
Make Tofu Mayo Make Tofu Mayo
If you're looking for a way to cut down on cholesterol - you gotta try this mayo! It's quick and easy to make at home.
Mango Salsa Mango Salsa
Mango salsa is a colorful and spicy accompaniment to Black Bean Chili or baked tortilla chips.
Mashed Grains and Cauliflower Mashed Grains and Cauliflower
This recipe is a sneaky way to enjoy whole grains and cauliflower. Top this dish with Simple Brown or Mushroom Gravy.
Mashed Potatoes Mashed Potatoes
Mashed potatoes...yum! Leaving the skins on adds extra nutrients and makes a tasty, rustic bed for gravy.