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Chocolate Dipped Hazelnut Biscotti Chocolate Dipped Hazelnut Biscotti
These twice-baked cookies go hand-in-hand with hot chocolate, tea or coffee.
Chocolate Mousse Chocolate Mousse
This is a light and healthier version of traditional chocolate mousse.
Chocolate Silk Pie Chocolate Silk Pie
If you are a chocolate lover, you will love this rich dessert. Quick and easy to make!
Cocoa Cupcakes and Frosting Cocoa Cupcakes and Frosting
You would never believe these cupcakes were made from all plant-based ingredients. Make a batch for birthdays, anniversaries or any night of the week dessert.
Colorful Corn Salsa Colorful Corn Salsa
Corn adds fiber, onions supply allyl sulfides, and tomatoes contribute lycopene to this nutrient-rich salsa - all are cancer-fighting ingredients.
Cool and Spicy Salad Cool and Spicy Salad
Cucumber is a cooling vegetable, which combined with iceberg lettuce makes a perfect match for the spicy shallot vinaigrette in this speedy summer salad.
Corn and Tomato Salsa Corn and Tomato Salsa
Fresh salsa is quick and easy to make and goes well with chips, burritos, tostadas, quesadillas and tacos.
Courgettes and Champignons Courgettes and Champignons
Courgettes and Champignons, or, as these vegetables are known in North America, Zucchini and Mushrooms, make a quick and easy side dish.
Couscous Couscous
Couscous is a tiny pasta that is cooked and served like a grain. It is quick and easy to make.
Cream of Broccoli Soup Cream of Broccoli Soup
This creamy, low-fat soup is a delicious way to serve broccoli, a nutritional powerhouse, and the addition of chickpeas makes it a one-dish meal.