Dessert Recipes

Cocoa Cupcakes and Frosting Cocoa Cupcakes and Frosting
You would never believe these cupcakes were made from all plant-based ingredients. Make a batch for birthdays, anniversaries or any night of the week dessert.
Dark Chocolate Vegan Truffle Dark Chocolate Vegan Truffle
Are you ready to enjoy a very decadent vegan dark chocolate super rich in antioxidants?
Gingerbread Gingerbread
This gingerbread makes a wonderful, low-fat treat.
Gingered Melon Gingered Melon
This recipe is a refreshing twist on cantaloupe and includes ginger, which can aid in digestion and often helps alleviate nausea.
Minted Chocolate Dream Minted Chocolate Dream
This ridiculously quick and easy, yet elegant and delightful dessert is made without cream, although the result is very rich and creamy. Impossible, you say? Try it.
Pumpkin Pie or Custard Pumpkin Pie or Custard
Enjoy this healthy, low-fat version of pumpkin pie.
Rhubarb Bars Rhubarb Bars
Sweet and tart, enjoy this dessert from a family recipe.
Schoolyard Oatmeal Cookies Schoolyard Oatmeal Cookies
The best darn cookies this side of the playground!
Summer Fruit Compote Summer Fruit Compote
Although this compote is perfect during summer when peaches and strawberries are in season, it is actually delicious any time of year if frozen fruit is used.